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Exciting New Fiction Series

New Sunny City Fiction Series Set in San Diego

Key to our fictional story series are the intriguing, energetic young people (mostly in their 20s) who live and play and love in the city. You'll find suspense, romance, adventure, and plenty of local color like cool neighborhoods that tourists never get to see.

Come visit San Diego, the Sunny City, in your heart and dreams. Join the young people who live and work here amid the tourist industry plus all the trappings of any great world-class metropolis. People have lived here for over 12,000 years, so there is plenty of history. Europeans as late-comers have been here for nearly 500 years (1542, so look for an anniverary in 2042). There's more background than you can imagine, but the stories focus on the here and now, and on the daily lives and loves, joys and challenges of our characters.

There's Robin Caruso, 28, attractive woman who owns Shipwreck Pants, an upscale but downbeat clothing store in a faded strip mall (California Beach) on a shore road (Ocean Run) overlooking the Pacific Ocean. She visits the fancy malls in the city for ideas from designers in Paris, Milan, New York, and all over, but has plenty of her own perky ideas, like naming her store after the current world-wide fashion among young women for ripped, slashed jeans.

Robin's heart throb is Tom Melchior, 28, a tall, dark, and handsome and hard-driving young chauffeur of his own startup limo service. So far, Tom owns exactly one van, in which he shuttles tourists around all the great hotels and attractions, and that means lots of suspense and adventures.

In this initial story, you'll meet a young woman from out of town who needs rescuing. She's beautiful, stylish, and too honest and easy-going for the wealth and abuse in which she finds herself. Over time, you'll meet all the exciting young people (and older and younger generations related to them), who populate these stories. Check out the website too: shipwreckpants dot com.

Maybe you'd like to buy a pair of shipwreck pants or a sexy skirt or a cool surfer shirt in Robin Caruso's store, and then enjoy a long, leisurely cappuccino next door in the Palm Sundae coffeeshop, or stroll down to the beach to dip your toes in the sea. Whatever you do, be laid back and relax. It's still a sleepy place, where only the tourists rush around.

Once a sleepy Navy town slumbering almost forgotten in the long shadow of L.A., San Diego today is the eighth largest city in the United States, and the second largest in California. It is a sophisticated but relaxing hub for everything from sunny beaches to bustling science and university centers, and cutting edge science and high-tech. San Diego's best assets, aside from balmy sands where palm trees whisper in gentle breezes, are its hard-working and hard-playing people. Over 150,000 locals work in the booming tourist industry.

Dig into anthropology at the Museum of Man, enjoy the best Mexican food north of the border, watch alligators at the zoo and turtles in Scripps Aquarium. Take a little fourteen foot sailboat out on San Diego Bay, and see huge Navy aircraft carriers as well as nuclear submarines and all sorts of tourist vessels from harbor cruises to enormous cruise ships.

San Diego boasts a new world-class library downtown, plus the largest urban parks on the continent. About those parks: you've heard of the San Diego Zoo, and of Balboa Park with its museums and galleries and gardensÖ and there's Seaworld and the Wild Animal ParkÖ but wait, there's more. We have another huge urban park (Mission Trails) so large and beautiful that it has its own park rangers and a visitor center to rival those in national parks.

Let's get those Shipwreck Pants stories rolling, and enjoy fun, suspense, suprises, and one of the world's most wonderful climates (balmy air, beaches, palm trees...) in San Diego.


Mona Lisa Novel (Nocturne in Paris)

A Novel by John Argo (Jean-Thomas Cullen)

The Final Amazing Secret of Leonardo da Vinci and the Mona Lisa

About The Novel. This story tells of a Dark Journey to the Shining Secret of Leonardo's Mona Lisa—a complex historical novel, with angels, ghosts, and much more by U.S.-European author John Argo (Jean-Thomas Cullen). The story is by turns romantic, melancholy, ghostly, and in a few spots disturbing—yet ultimately uplifting—a story full of insight you'll long remember and think about.

On a dreary 2020 autumn day on the Pacific Coast of Oregon, the twins ChloŽ and Rob Wilson (age 30) arrive from Europe to bury their father, Dan Wilson. They don't know it, but there is an angel with them at the funeral—the ghost of a baby sister who died long ago when Dan Wilson was a young soldier stationed in West Germany over forty years ago in the 1970s.

Claire, the angel, died in this world, but she is living a full and prosperous life in a parallel world where Rob and Chloë donít exist. Rob and Chloë are ghosts there in turn, because of a tragic decision Dan made on a bridge in Paris in 1977. Now, in death, Dan will be given a second chance to live his life over again from that moment, which in turn will affect many people across several parallel worlds.

We encounter angels, ghosts, parallel worlds, an escaped Nazi war criminal and his monstrous crimes, and always the delectable landscapes of Heidelberg and Paris. There is much that the twins don't know as they return to their own busy and exciting lives in Europe. Rob works in Frankfurt and is seriously dating a Luxembourg woman named Elise. Chloë works in Paris, and is seriously dating a handsome young video producer named Yves. When they sell the house and liquidate Dad's property in Salem (their Mom predeceased him by two years in 2018), they find a journal that Dan kept of his happily married life in Oregon after his separation from the U.S. Army in 1980. Strangely, his jotted and jumbled notes suggest it is Journal III, so where are the earlier two? And what is in them?

Why is the spirit of his lost child, a grown woman from another dimension, tracking the twins' every move as they search for Journals I (the good one) and II (the nightmare)? Danís mission in life, which he walked away from on a Bridge of Regret in Paris in 1977, was to marry beautiful young Parisian scholar Claudette Vervain, who was about to unravel one of historyís greatest secrets: why Leonardo Da Vinci worked for years, until his death, on what would become the most famous and expensive artwork in history: the Mona Lisa hanging in the Louvre for centuries. And why does the image of Lisa Gherardini have that smile, which has baffled scholars and intrigued viewers for half a millennium now? It all becomes clear as Chloë and Rob decipher their fatherís mysterious, multi-dimensional life.

Let's read the entire novel online (free) with optional buy links. More at the site. You'll also find links to Galley City, with over fifty free novels and shorter stories (same deal).