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1892 Gaslamp Era True Crime National Scandal Why did the Beautiful Stranger Die so Violently?

Clocktower Books, a San Diego Small Press, pioneering in online and e-book publishing, has released titles since 1996. Visit Galley City (mainstream fiction) or Galley City Nonfiction. John T. Cullen has authored over 40 novels plus poetry and shorts. His nonfiction spans History, Science, and many other topics of pressing interest: he knows how to pick them (a growing collection of fascinating articles by a free thinker & diligent researcher).

True Crime 1892 Gaslamp Era Mystery Thanksgiving Day 24 November 1892, the Beautiful Stranger checked into the luxury resort Hotel del Coronado under false I.D. and never checked out alive. She died of a gunshot to the head during a great sea storm. Her case became a national sensation and enduring ghost legend. Enigma solved at last: 2 books in one: Dead Move (nonfiction, scholarly analysis); Lethal Journey (fictional dramatization based on the analysis): Coronado Mystery.


New: 3 San Diego Noir PsychoThriller Novels So Far

New JTC (John T. Cullen) San Diego Noir psychological thrillers in work as we shriek. Recommended order so far:

click to start reading#1: Creepy Sister: San Diego Noir Thriller Here it is, readers! The unstoppable read you've been waiting for, a novel that fits in a class with today's most powerful psychological thrillers: e.g., Gone Girl, The Woman on the Train, and more….

click to start reading#2: Terror In My Arms: San Diego Noir Thriller Already a classic story from the early Internet days. Sylvie Bancroft just delivered the software and collected a large paycheck. Darkly handsome stranger Rob Turlock who drops suddenly into her life is after her, the money, and her sanity, just for starters…

click to start reading#3: Lethal Journey (1892) San Diego/Coronado Noir True Crime & Famous Ghost Legend, based on true history. A Historical Thriller set in the Gaslamp Era (1890s). A noir thriller closely based on JTC's research into the infamous and mysterious crime that became an instant national sensation across the telegraph wires in the Yellow Press during Victorian times.

READ: It's the Bookstore Metaphor. Read half free/try-buy at San Diego Noir website of John T. Cullen. If you want to know how it ends, and decide to buy, it's safe ( for the price of a cup of coffee. Nothing to lose but some sleep and peace of mind…keep the light on by your bedside and make sure the doors and windows are locked. Don't worry if you must scream. Nobody will hear you.


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