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you are here webplex John T. Cullen author Jean-Thomas Cullen John Argo John T. Cullen. You are here: home base webplex hub. Author John T. Cullen; aka Jean-Thomas Cullen, John Argo; 50+ books, articles, & other fiction, nonfiction. o
 San Diego Author. Also New Haven , UConn, Luxembourg, K-Town.
 Café Okay Bookshop. 50+ books, articles, and stories (fiction and nonfiction); various categories; love coffee & books.
 Clocktower Books. Historic small press publisher in San Diego since 1996. Sole Proprietor: John T. Cullen.
 Clocktower Books Museum. Museum plus Heritage Sites, starting 1996.

legacy websites of J.T. Cullen as far back as 1996

Heritage Domains. Each site (except Clocktower Fiction, which became Clocktower Books in 2000) retains a legacy website. Click links or Clocktower Books Museum.

Neon Blue Fiction 1996-2001
The Haunted Village 1996-2001
Clocktower Books 1996-ongoing
Clocktower Fiction 1996-2000
SharpWriter.Com 1998-2006 BP
Deep Outside SFFH 1998-2001
Far Sector SFFH 2001-2007

A Tomorrow Thriller set in Paris and Luxembourg

Valley of Seven Castles, a Luxembourg Thriller: world's first Progressive Thriller by John T. Cullen, Active Member ITW World's First Progressive Thriller
First in a series (Progressive Thrillers). Visit the special website for more info—including the fascinating story of how this novel came to be, both from the author's imagination and his research on thriller history dating to John Buchan's archetypal 1915 classic The Thirty-Nine Steps and multiple Alfred Hitchcock connections accidentally uncovered by John T. Cullen. Written as a Progressive Thriller, this novel is the first of a new, relevant 21st Century subgenre. The plot contains at least one very sizzling scene that opens windows on passion and the author's commitment to modern gender equality among progressive ideas. Ultimately, it is a rollicking suspense thriller that launches in Shanghai and Paris, but the action and finale have Luxembourg written all over them. More info at the website.

Special Topic Sites

Coronado Mystery.—1892 true crime/famous ghost legend at the Hotel del Coronado—a mystery John T. Cullen solved at last. Three books/print & e-book editions: (1) Nonfiction: Dead Move; (2) Fiction:Lethal Journey, closely based on the scholarly historical research in Dead Move.

 Vanished MH370 Airliner Mystery.
A plausible solution to one of aviation history's greatest enigmas; based on reported facts, keeps all cards on the table; this saga is far from over. Lemma 3: the aircraft was hijacked, taken toward the Horn of Africa to be weaponized and dropped on a major European target to rival New York's 9/11. Plot failed (this time)—but 'they' will try again.

Visit amazing San Diego—virtual tour by Jean-Thomas Cullen,a San Diego Author. In work—to be completed by January 2018. Welcome to look around.

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