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John T. Cullen

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John Argo

HIGH SCIFI (fiction) includes the following:
DARK SF (fiction)

Jean-Thomas Cullen

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BOOKS ABOUT PARIS (by many authors)

A. T. Nager


Main website of Jean-Thomas Cullen, aka John T. Cullen and John Argo

Eight key topical sites of my webplex are listed in a strip at top of each major page (e.g.: top of this page). Here's a related list:

John T. Cullen

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Other Key Sites. The webplex has other important parts, linked at key or main sites (e.g., listed at right: Coronado Mystery, Luxembourg Thriller, Vanished MH370).

legacy websites of J.T. Cullen as far back as 1996

Heritage Domains. Each site (except Clocktower Fiction, which became Clocktower Books in 2000) retains a legacy website. Click links or go right to Clocktower Books Museum.

Neon Blue Fiction 1996-2001
The Haunted Village 1996-2001
Clocktower Books 1996-ongoing
Clocktower Fiction 1996-2000
SharpWriter.Com 1998-2006
Deep Outside SFFH 1998-2001
Far Sector SFFH 2001-2007


My Paris BookshopMy Paris Bookshop Now Open: Visit My Paris Bookshop to browse and love all things Paris, France, & Europe. Sister site to my virtual San Diego-based Citta Moda online mall, where you can browse and love it forever.

Holocene Mysteries & Histories

1892 Gaslight True Crime/Famous Ghost Legend (Coronado)

Coronado Mystery.—1892 true crime/famous ghost legend at the Hotel del Coronado—a mystery John T. Cullen solved at last. Three books/print & e-book editions: (1) Nonfiction: Dead Move; (2) Fiction: Lethal Journey, closely based on the scholarly historical research in Dead Move. Tragic Victorian woman: young Lizzie Wyllie became a real-life 'Fallen Angel.'  

A Progressive Thriller set in Paris and Luxembourg

Valley of Seven Castles, a Luxembourg Thriller: world's first Progressive Thriller by John T. Cullen, Active Member ITWRevealed: Alfred Hitchcock's Final Secret World's First Progressive Thriller novel. Books About Paris is your link for the author's Paris related novels. Includes a full page spread in the Luxembourg national newspaper about Valley of Seven Castles (in German; English coming soon)..

 Vanished MH370 Airliner Mystery.
A plausible solution to one of aviation history's greatest enigmas; based on reported facts, keeps all cards on the table; this saga is far from over. Lemma 3: the aircraft was hijacked, taken toward the Horn of Africa to be weaponized and dropped on a major European target to rival New York's 9/11. Plot failed (this time)—but 'they' will try again.

Poetry Visions: A. T. Nager
Over 50 Titles


CAROUSEL of Book Covers. Click below to visit Café Okay, my online bookshop. Over 50 titles (books, shorter; fiction, nonfiction). Enjoy a good read today.