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Read poetry and fiction by teen/new adult author A. T. Nager

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1892 Gaslamp Era True Crime National Scandal Why did the Beautiful Stranger Die so Violently?

Clocktower Books, a San Diego Small Press, pioneering in online and e-book publishing, has released titles since 1996. Visit Galley City (mainstream fiction) or Galley City Nonfiction. John T. Cullen has authored over 40 novels plus poetry and shorts. His nonfiction spans History, Science, and many other topics of pressing interest: he knows how to pick them (a growing collection of fascinating articles by a free thinker & diligent researcher).

True Crime 1892 Gaslamp Era Mystery Thanksgiving Day 24 November 1892, the Beautiful Stranger checked into the luxury resort Hotel del Coronado under false I.D. and never checked out alive. She died of a gunshot to the head during a great sea storm. Her case became a national sensation and enduring ghost legend. Enigma solved at last: 2 books in one: Dead Move (nonfiction, scholarly analysis); Lethal Journey (fictional dramatization based on the analysis): Coronado Mystery.

Mona Lisa Novel, or Paris Nocturne

A Ghostly and Moonlit Tale by John Argo

Mystery for the Ages: True Secret Why Leonardo Painted Mona Lisa

Most Famous Woman In Art History: Leonardo Da Vinci (twice?) painted Lisa Gherardini, a plain, wealthy housewife in 16th Century Florence. This story's many twists & turns begin with a young U.S. soldier in Heidelberg, Germany, during the Cold War, whose tragic love story ended in Paris. Years later (or in the blink of an eye?) his daughter Hannah, 30, with twin brother Rob, follow an eerie trail that grew cold decades ago on a Bridge of Regret by the Louvre (Pont des Arts). Read Free or Buy at Galley City.


Robinson Crusoe 1,000,000 A.D.

Classic DarkSF Novel From John Argo

Thousands Have Raved: a Post-Apocalyptic Robinsonade

A Million Years Post-Apocalyptic Earth: Humankind is extinct, but a former university bio lab slowly evolved into living,underground birth caverns—which deliver newly born clones of long-ago college students into a hostile, alien, unrecognizable nightmare world. The ground outside the caves is littered with their skulls; some survived for a time on a gloomy, abandoned island. Now Alex Kirk enters the game. He is determined to conquer the world once and for all… and his Friday is a woman. Read Free or Buy at Galley City.

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