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Image at left: John T. Cullen touring the world (somewhere: Eiffel Tower? Empire State Bldg? I forget. Been all over. All in good fun).  More info soon. Author John T. Cullen. Welcome to my main domain and anchor website. These pages are new and heavily under construction. This website is a work in progress. Thanks for your patience. More info soon.

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FREE READING. Soon, you'll be able to read half of virtually all my books. I call it the Bookstore Metaphor: read half free/try-buy. Also: SPECIAL PROJECTS: Airplane Novel; special presentations for my big novels…etc. Stay tuned, visit often, tell your friends *please!*

HOMAGES (Portal) Inspirations from film, novels, and life experiences help explain the influences for some of my original works. Start with John Buchan's 1915 *The Thirty-Nine Steps* plus Alfred Hitchcock's 1935 and 1959 remakes (plural, yes) that helped inspire my big romantic adventure novel *Valley of Seven Castles, a Luxembourg Thriller*; for my SF novel *Nebula Express*, compare Ridley Scott's 1979 SF film *Alien*. Lots more info if you click the *Homage Portal* above.

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Featured Novel - click for more info: solved at last: notorious 1892 true crime at the Hotel Del Coronado near San Diego, with famous ghost legend

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ancient mystery palindrome deciphered at last by John T. Cullen

a new Theory of Everything - accelerating expansion due to gravitation of larger surrounding motherverse, and more!

solved at last: notorious 1892 true crime at the Hotel Del Coronado near San Diego, and resulting famous ghost legend

fiction, novel, with new theory about why Leonardo Da Vinci obsessively kept working without pay on the Mona Lisa, world's most famous painting


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