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Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction

under construction - more info soon John T. Cullen Main Page: Welcome. This page is new and heavily under construction. Thanks for your patience. More info soon. Image at left: John T. Cullen touring the world (somewhere: Eiffel Tower? Empire State Bldg? Who knows. All in good fun).

Top Highlights. At right, please find links to some of my favorite nonfiction research projects. Since this is my anchor website (in a webplex of linked sites I've built in a quarter century+), I will summarize my main works here. Soon, this information will all be located on this website. For the moment, I am linking satellite sites in my webplex. Author of more than fifty books (poetry, fiction, nonfiction). More info soon.

MORE INFO Explore the ongoing life's work of John T. Cullen, including his many books (novels, anthologies, nonfiction, teenage poetry) plus short stories, articles, and essays. Among other things, learn why he chose the pseudonym John Argo for his Web-published fiction (SF, Suspense) starting 1996.

Major Historical Inquiries (Books)

LOGIC ONLY: It's all rational and scientific. No occult, no magic, no conspiracies, nothing political or ghostly or otherwise risible. I'm only interested in objective, honest, logical, historical truth.

SATOR SQUARE At last, the enigma is solved. The ancient palindrome yields up its secrets in a surprisingly pragmatic, powerful message. It worked across the ancient Roman empire, and means just as much in our daily modern lives. Idiomatic translation of ancient, rural Latin. Nonfiction.

EXOGRAVITATION Here is a new Theory of Everything, so to speak. We can replace the black box engineering terms ('dark energy' and 'dark matter') with real ideas that don't violate the laws of thermodynamics. "I have come not to destroy the Standard Model, but to fulfill it." The science grows out of historical roots. Nonfiction.

CORONADO MYSTERY 1892 Justice at last for Lizzie Wyllie, 24, the real 'Beautiful Stranger' whose suffering and tragedy in 1892 as a 'ruined' Victorian era woman involved a true crime (solved) and a famous ghost legend (actually part of a huge coverup). Time to dispense with the fables: truth is more powerful than farsehoods any day. Three books (one scholarly nonfiction, one historical novel closely based on the research, and a duet with both titles in one book).

MONA LISA MOON GODDESS New theory: why Leonardo da Vinci obsessively kept working on his most famous painting even after delivering the original commissioned portrait to the Gherardini family of Florence, and after moving to Chambord, France as a favorite artist of King Francis I. Novel, with a nonfiction core including nonfiction appendix.

NEW PROJECTS At least two major new projects involving History questions are in work, in addition to those listed above (covers below). Both new nonfiction books will be published soon.

ancient mystery palindrome deciphered at last by John T. Cullen

a new Theory of Everything - accelerating expansion due to gravitation of larger surrounding motherverse, and more!

solved at last: notorious 1892 true crime at the Hotel Del Coronado near San Diego, and resulting famous ghost legend

new theory about why Leonardo Da Vinci obsessively kept working without pay on the Mona Lisa, world's most famous painting


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